Apple Receives Tips from Sony CEO About Built-in Camera Plans

Sony CEO Howard Stringer comes out to have verified a previous report that a forthcoming iPhone 5 will have an 8MP digital camera with a sensor completed by Sony in a performance interview at Carnegie Hall with Walt Mossberg.  Stringer prepared a quantity of somewhat mysterious remarks to Mossberg regarding Apple, on one point remarking on the irony of Sony creating “the best camera” for Apple gadgets.

He actually as well talked about camera sensor factory of Sony in Sendai was closed down because of the earthquake, verifying a feature that we reported in the previous week., which was at the occasion placed several of the pieces jointly and recommends that the factory closedown may signify a postponement for the iPhone 5.

Sony CEO Howard Stringer

Certainly, forecasting a launch postponement for the iPhone 5 based on these comments is a stretch, known that the only thing he actually exposed was that a damaged Sony factory in Sendai is made-up to provide the company’s “best” camera sensor to Apple. However specified the other reports to this result, it appears a comparatively modest stretch, though a stretch nevertheless.

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