Apple Rejects Migrant-Smuggling Game

The software’s developer said that an iPhone game that permits users to drive a truck full of immigrants through what comes out to be the US Mexican border has been rejected by Apple Inc.

The Boston company Owlchemy Labs that developed Smuggle Truck:  The Apple App Store declined the game three weeks ago.  It recognized the Snuggle Truck app of the company, a game that permits player to “bring cute animals from the wilderness to the comfort of a zoo.”

Alex Schwartz, Owlchemy Labs developer said the immigration refusal of the game was “content-related,’’ but he could not provide particulars, due to a contractual contract.

In February, Owlchemy drew fire from supporters for immigrants following it proclaimed the creation of the game. The game was condemn as being in poor taste because it underestimated how immigrants risked their lives under what supporters call a busted immigration method.

Snuggle Truck app

Director of communications at the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights in Los Angeles, Jorge-Mario Cabrera expressed varied feelings about conclusion of Apple.

He said, “I can’t say that I’m displeased,’’ adding that Smuggle Truck underestimated the sufferings of the thousands who look for to cross the US border each year. “I think it’s distasteful. I think it’s offensive.’’

However, he exprssed shock that Apple had banned the game from its mobile gadgets.  Cabrera said, “I’m surprised, because I think as much as we dislike the content of the app, I believe that consumers should be given the choice to download it or not.’’

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