Apple Shares Dropped and Sales Could Slow Down

Apple shares are falling in Wednesday trading in spite of recording increase of sales. Dips down to $398.11 and ends in $402.80.

The issue started when Cirrus Logic, an Apple supplier that makes the sound parts for the iPads and iPhones, reported a drop in sales. 90% of Cirrus Logic’s revenue accounts from Apple, according to reports.

With the Cuppertino, California-based company expected to released their quarterly results, some worries that it might not be surprising anymore.

Pressure on the company

Apple has been celebrating for their great success in the recent years but facing a great pressure lately when rivals began making much more powerful smartphones.

They see good increasing sales in their iPad and iPhone lines, however, they have been declining in the market expectations and now shares are getting down.

On the other hand, Samsung, Apple’s greatest rival for quite some time, has been reportedly enjoying the steady increasing share both in the tablet and smartphone lines.

In a study conducted by the research company Gartner, Apple sold 43.5 million units of iPhone while Samsung sold 64.5 million units of smartphones at the end of 2012.

In a data released by the IDC, Samsung shows an increase of share in the tablet market that accounts to 15.1% in the last quarter of 2012, while Apple shows a slide from 51.7% down to 43.6%.

Apple Shares Dropped