Apple shares in China market falls down

According to the data collected by the International Data Corporation, the market shares for Apple in China has reduced to about five percent between the periods of April and June. The reason behind this drop down is that a lot of people want to buy iPhone 4S when iPhone 5 is just around the corner.

The analyst from IDC, TZ Wong explained that there are two things in play in the market for Apple now — one is seasonal, where people know that there is a new phone coming, and second is that the alternate choices are coming out as more attractive compared to last year.

During the periods of April and June, smartphone shipments from almost all handset makers had a total of 44 million, which shows just fifty-one percent of the overall mobile phone shipment in China.

Apple just ranked as fourth placer in China’s smartphone shipments, being outwitted by Samsung with nineteen percent of shares. Lenovo was in second place and ZTE Corp as third placer.