Apple still at the top of Smartphone Market

Smartphone rivalry is still hot not just in the US but all over the world. Which one is really on the top?

In the U.S. alone, Apple is still dominating and remains at the top, according to ComScore.

ComScore made a research about smartphones for three months and it ended in February. The results are in and Apple is still holding their position at the top making them the number 1 smartphone seller in the U.S. market.

Apple accounts to the 39% of the total in the market, increased by 3.9% from their last research that ended November 2012. Apple’s rival, Samsung, is just tailing them in the second position and accounts to 21% of the total in the market.

For other Android smartphone manufacturers, LG, Motorola, and HTC, there’s been a bad slide in the market in ComScore’s research but they still fall in the top 5 smartphone manufacturers in the U.S.

Apple’s iOS held 39% of the share in the market, gained 3.9 points from their research that ended in November last year. However, android OS has a small drop of share. It is estimated that 52% of the smartphones in the U.S. handles Android OS according to their study that ended in February. A 2% drop from their research in November.

Microsoft gained a slight increase with 0.2% and Nokia remained in 0.5% of the share.

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    Apple is a Good Brand and there are lot of phones are launched with lot of features. Its a good article about the apple smartphones.

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