Apple Stops LG Orders

LG-reportedly-losing-some-Apple-iPad-2-display-orders-to-SamsungApple is allegedly changing new production order from LG to Samsung for the iPad 2, as it appears LG Display’s LCD deliveries for the tablet have had quality issues, urging Apple to turn to Samsung in its place.

The news comes from DigiTimes, who stated that the biggest board supplier of iPad 2 is  being changed by competitors Samsung and CMI, since LG production has been disturbed because to the quality issues.

“LGD’s 9.7-inch panels for the iPad 2 reportedly failed to pass drop tests, during which their backlight units (BLUs) failed, the sources said, adding the panels’ yield rates were unable to meet Apple’s requirement,” according to the report.

LG had transported between 2.5 million and 2.6 million panels, failing to receive the 4 million units each month goal.  However, Samsung completed several improvements, doubling its production up to 2 million iPad 2 panels in the same month.

Yet there is a difficult connection among these three giants.  Samsung is not just LG’s challenger, being Apple’s partner and supplier, it is as well the competitor of Apple on the smartphone and tablet market and is concerned in a long running bitter over copyright violation.

CMI would be a positive option for Apple, but its aim for 9.7 inch iPad 2 displays in just 1 million a month.  Specified previous problems of Apple is staying up with the iPad claim, the Cupertino Company would not surrender LG for good.