Apple Store App to add Siri and Passbook

The Cupertino-based company Apple has released its latest version of Apple Store application for iOS that incorporates with Siri and Passbook.

The store is publicized as the “on-the-go” shopping experience for all products of Apple, which allows users of iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad products to buy other Apple devices, track purchases, and make Genius Bar reservations.

According to the update shown on Wednesday, the store is including the ability to ask Siri to help find prices and to shop for a variety of Apple products. You can ask Siri the costs of MacBook Pro and other devices or apps and direct you to the page of the app or the device. As for the following reports, this might not function without the updated application.

According to TNW, the integration of Siri seems to work fine, even though they have been hearing that it’s pretty much the same on gadgets with the installation of the old application.

On the other hand, Apple has already included the capacity to buy the gift cards through the app. This can be emailed directly to friends and easily accessed through the Passbook section on iOS 6. The recievers can then use the card at any of the retail locations of the company.

In addition to this, a quick search in the Apple Store app can provide only one non-physical gift card preference, which is Apple Store gift card through email. Other results present App Store, iBook gift cards, and iTunes, all of which must be shipped through the postal service.