Despite of Economic Crisis, Apple Still Survives

The technology world still fights to recover its foothold following a hard depression as the year 2010 draws to a close.  However, Apple created a stunning year along with economic sadness.

The market capitalization of Apple exceeded that of Microsoft building it the most precious belongings in the technology industry prior this year. Apple ruined four successive quarterly revenues and profit records throughout its just-completed fiscal year. Throughout the most horrible depression in decades, many companies cut jobs at the same time as Apple employed thousands of people.


The most important accomplishment that Apple completed is the means it ascended these heights. Many technology titans use 2010 cutting expenses and attempted to obtain latest technology in the course of amalgamations, this $65 billion company is innovating similar to a startup.

The company has a diverse cultural state of mind according to an analyst with Needham, Charles Wolf.  The company is performing like a startup although it goes on to turn out to be a $100 billion company, he said.

iPhone of Apple developed the market of smart phones, which is believed as the must-have product of the decade.  Its latest released iPad is currently making customer electronics most talented latest market for tablet computers. This year is one of the most excellent years of Apple, if not the finest year, according to Kaufman Bros analyst Shaw Wu.

Several analysts point to three factors that drive Apple’s persistent originality. First is the company devotes deeply in study and growth. Second is it is confident to cannibalize or to kill its personal products. Third, the company is capable to expand its center technology transversely a host of different products for them to create a leading bionetwork of customer devices.

Never in the history has that one company done so much to drive individual technology, according to Mark Gilmore, co-founder of Wired Integrations, a San Jose consulting firm.