Apple to release a WiFi only iPad Mini

After it has successfully released its newest iPhone device — iPhone 5 — Apple is now anticipated to reveal another device next week. The device is referred as the iPad mini, the smaller version of iPad.

The rumored release date will be on October 17. The smaller version of the tablet is said to have a 7.85-inch display with a lower resolution compared to the bigger 9.7-inch display currently on the market.

The new device from Apple will become the direct competition to Nexus 7 of Google and the Kindle Fire of Amazon. Both of the competitors have a 7-inch tabs and provide a smaller, less-expensive alternative to the current iPad.

On the other hand, iPad mini is said to be not capable of connecting to the internet through 4G or 3G and will just depend on WiFi. According to anonymous sources, iPad mini is designed as WiFi only and that the company will also launch a new version of the current iPad that will be compatible with the 4G network of mobile provider EE.

With iPad mini not having the feature of 4G or 3G connectivity, this would keep costs much lesser, allowing Apple to charge the device in line with its tablet competitors. The new Apple tablet is speculated to go on sale on early November.