Apple TV anticipated in 2014, still in early phases of testing

On Monday, the Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple Inc. is now having a collaborative work with manufacturers in Asia on a device that is anticipated to change the way people watch TV. However, it is not clear yet if it’s a TV set or just a simple robust version of the Apple TV set-top box that is already available on the market.

The report tells that the company’s television project remains to be informal and in its early phases of testing. Recently, Apple has been reportedly connected to its main assembler — Hon Hai Industries — to collaborate with Sharp in terms of designing the sets of TV. In addition to this, the report also noted that Apple is in communication with cable companies with regard the set-top box that will carry TV.

This report has a little bit cleared up the long-standing speculations that Apple will definitely change the way TV works. It was remembered that the late CEO and founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, had given clues for this big project. He described it as the “best way to make a TV set to be integrated with other devices and the iCloud service.”

Apple is promising that the user interface of this big and newest project for the company will be in its simplest form.