Apple TV to be supported by Hulu Plus

Apple supporters have been waiting long enough for an Apple-based television subscription service. On Tuesday, Apple silently added support to its Apple TV set-top box, called Hulu Plus. This may be the closest thing Apple fans can get for the meantime. This brings access to ad-supported television episodes and movies for paid subscribers of the particular service.

For the subscribers of Hulu Plus, they can have an access to the content of the service, while new users have the choice of either subscribing to the service through their iTunes account or signing up for a free one-week trial. On the time that the individual has logged in, he will have access to his favorites and queue. At the same time, he can access catalogues of movies, popular clips, and TV episodes.

The interface for Hulu Plus is much alike to that of Netflix’s and other video services. The top menu grants access to items such as Popular and Recommend, Trailers, Search, Recently Watched videos, TV, and Movies.  The Videos are ad-supported, as well as other mobile offerings and Hulu’s Web, however the user can still skip around. This can actually allows you to resume a video even across platforms, permitting you to begin watching a video on an iPad and continue on your Apple TV.

However, on the other hand, the Hulu Plus still is obliged to the licensing agreements from the providers of the content. This can put off a large number of shows from being watched on your Apple TV, or any place for that matter, except in a web browser. There are still a lot of things that needs to be fixed, but they assure the customers that this service will soon be updated and upgraded.