Speculations Rise About Apple TV on iPod Apple’s Media Event

Apple’s Media event in September boots off tomorrow, September 1st at 10 o’clock in the morning Pacific. The yearly occasion characteristically focuses on Apple’s iPod line; although current reports have recommended that the Apple TV may lastly be receiving an amendment.

Here are the most important reports captions into the occasion:

  1. Apple TV – a subsequently modernized Apple TV based on iOS, priced at only $99, in addition to sustain for Apps.
  2. iPod Touch – Backside camera, mic, latest form, front facing camera, possible 3G and yet a Retina exhibit.
  3. iPod Nano – lesser, square shaped plan with a 3cm x 3cm touch screen. Case producers have previously been creating wraps for the unexpected contrivance.
  4. Extra updates from iTunes as well as TV show rentals and longer song previews.


Conjecture: In the meantime, here is a compilation of fun tentative content that we can not confirm however in the run up to the occasion may motivate some attractive conversation:

iPad 4.0? – We anticipate Apple will make known their strategy for the operation of iOS 4 for the iPad throughout the occasion. Its improbable Apple will be competent to initiate today as Apple still wants developers to keep informed about their apps. So, confidently we will obtain a roadmap and a developer beta of iOS 4 for iPad.

2.8″ iPod touch? iLounge recommends that possibly we will observe the extended alleged 2.8″ iPod touch come out to fill the break left by the previous iPod nano.

iPhone as Apple TV Remote? iLounge’s Charles Starrett wondered that the much talked-about $99 Apple TV may in fact need an iOS device to provide as a remote. Further than his conjecture, we would really listen to unverified murmurs of the same, so it appears inside the area of opportunity.

iLife Mystery App is a Make Your Own App Tool? Reports about iLife ’11 recommended a new app would be launched with the iLife ’11 suite. We have taken notice of unverified murmurs that the latest app could in fact be a means for finish consumers to make easy apps and organize them straight to their iOS devices. Is Apple recurring to their Hypercard roots? It’s not easy to speak how practicable this would be.

Exposure- We will be giving live footage on Twitter at @MacRumorsLive and most importantly, updates here on the site. Our major reports Twitter feed is @MacRumors. A Spoiler Free page is also accessible for individuals who would like to observe the occasion new.