Apple users have updated to iOS 6 despite flaws

According to a new study, most users of iPhone 5 have updated their operating systems to the latest version, iOS 6. This is despite of the fact that there are a number of reported flaws of the new OS.

An online advertising network and analytics firm Chitika have conducted the study, presenting that sixty percent of all iPhone users have completely installed iOS 6 just after a week or two subsequent to the launch of the operating system.

On a notable situation, the new Maps app of Apple, which is running under iOS 6, has been receiving quite a lot of criticisms , leading the company’s chief executive Tim Cook to apologize for it. In addition to this, problems with new Apple app, issues connecting to Wi-Fi networks and problems with Passbook.

Other Apple devices such as iPod Touch and iPad that have adopted iOS 6 had been slower compared to the performance in iPhone. However, iOS 6 is the most used OS on these devices today. 45 percent of iPad users have updated to the new iOS and 39 percent for iPod touch owners.