Apple Vs. Samsung Patent War Soon to be Over

Apple has suffered another punch from its patent battle against its biggest rival, Samsung. And by this time, its about the patent for tablets.

A court in The Hague, which has cited previous decisions in British courts, made a ruling that some of the Galaxy tablets of Samsung do not infringe a design from Apple.

The Dutch district court case focused on the rounded corners of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.7, Galaxy Tab, 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 8.9. Samsung is very affirmative that Apple was not the very first to design a tablet with a shape of rectangle and rounded corners. Additionally, they continue to believe that the registered design features of Apple can be also found in a lot of examples.

Samsung and Apple are the top two smartphone makers in the world and they are hooked with their patent issues in at least ten countries, vying to win consumers to buy their latest gadgets.

The first ruling of the British court upheld an earlier decision that stated Samsung’s tablets did not break any of the patents from Apple. In addition to this, it noted that there were similarities between the two gadgets, but clarified that it had not infringed the design of its competitor.

On the other hand, Apple strongly believes that its major competition submissively ripped-off technologies and designs as well from two of its primary gadgets, iPhone and iPad, into its Android smartphones and tablets. The Cupertino-based company has won its first patent battle in Calif with a £664m payment from Samsung.

Apple Vs. Samsung Patent War Soon to be Over