Apple will not Experience Supply Issues for the New iPad According to an Analyst

In the kick off of the “New iPad”, many already said that Apple may face supply issues as orders are getting bigger and bigger, but at least one analyst said that there will be no issues – well, every body is hopefull to get a hold of their own New iPad without delays.

In spite of extending delivery times for a the New iPad having a high-resolution Retina Display – that now extends up to at 2-3 weeks – several analysts think that Apple are going to have somewhat little problems fulfilling orders for the latest tablet in the coming months.

An analyst with Jefferies & Co. Peter Misek, had written in a co-authored March 13 note “Despite widespread concerns, we believe there will be enough screens for the new iPads…

Furthermore, “We believe that builds of 12 [million] to 15 [million] for iPads in [first calendar quarter] look reasonable, and our checks indicate that Apple is attempting to boost builds for [second calendar quarter] from 15-18 [million] to 18-20 [million].

On the other hand, that enormous production rate will drive the global demand for NAND flash memory in tablets, based on a research note by IHS. The research firm anticipates that Apple will be the reason for 58% of tablet NAND flash memory buying by 2015.

Also, in a March 13 note, analyst Dee Nguyen said “Apple’s continued domination of the sales of NAND flash for media tablets reflects not only the iPad’s commanding market share lead, but its extensive memory usage…” In addition, “The iPad employs a larger density of NAND than its competitors. Because of this, Apple’s iPad will continue to drive the growth of NAND sales in the tablet market for the next several years.

Regardless of the New iPad’s longer-term potential customers, experts have forecasted the product will probably market as much as 1 million units on the first day of release.