Apple will Reveal New Product in the Next 8 Months; French Designer Said

Popular French designer Philippe Starck disclosed in the latest interview that he is currently working and designing with Apple on a “groundbreaking” fresh product which will be unveiled over the next eight months.

The designer disclosed the info in a radio interview, as found out by HardMac. No additional information were specified about what the product might be.

“Indeed, there is a big project together which will be out in eight months,” as translated according to Starck. He specified Apple’s “religious cult of secrecy” for turning down to reveal any additional details, however he did mentioned that this new project is “quite revolutionary.”

The designer as well stated that he met frequently with Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder, before he died. Starck stated he’d see Jobs about each and every month in his Palo Alto residence for 7 years, and then he now meets with Laurene Powell, Job’s widow, if he is in California.

There isn’t any clue that Philippe Starck has been working with Apple before, though he designed the iPod and iPhone headphones and speakers.

The statements from the French designer will certainly boost rumours with regards to a Apple TV set which the firm is thought to be focusing on. Earlier this year, a report stated that Jony Ive, Apple design chief, has a 50-inch Apple television kept in his own studio.

Starck’s evident work together with Apple may also be associated with something unique, for instance the approaching re-designed iPhone. Apple is anticipated to unveil the new iPhone late this year, highlighting a totally redesigned exterior.