android tabs v ipad

Apple’s iPad Share in the Market Drops while Android Tabs Increased

Apple Inc. finally posted their first quarter earnings on Tuesday showing a drop of profits.

Gates are opened and market research firms are making their own analysis about the results of the tablet and smartphone sales in the first quarter of 2013. The Cupertino, California-based company managed to sell many iPads in the first quarter, however, it just cant stop the increasing growth of the much lower cost Android tablets. This caused the drop in profits and market share of Apple Inc.

With Apple’s earning announcement, they stated that they have sold 19.5 million units of iPads in the first quarter this year. This result is quite huge already accounting for the 48.2% of the total market share in tablet computers. This is quite impressive already since Apple only has two models of iPad playing in the market, the full-sized iPad and iPad Mini, but this figure is a huge drop compared to the results in the first quarter in 2012. From 63.1% of the total tablet market share to 48.2% this year.

android tabs v ipad

For the Android platform, the tablets accounted for the 43.4% of the total shipments this quarter. This is a huge leap from the results last year from 34.2%.

And Microsoft’s Windows RT and Windows 8 platforms are starting to make a name from this quarter, too. Despite a bumpy start, it made a good 7.5% in the total market share from 0% last year.