Apple’s map application reviewed by critics as Google presents alternative application

The new maps application for Apple is in now, but reviews about it are not great.

The look and feel of the application has received praises from consumers. However, for the critics the latest application appears to be inferior when compared to the previous app it has replaced in some important methods.
According to Jason Parker of CNET, users would probably miss the previous Google Maps. Parker further remarked that not only Google Maps no longer connected, but also the user is barriered into the ecosystem of Apple.

To other critics, the Apple’s maps application is considered as a downgrade of the iPhone 5 because it is quite confusing to use, especially in urbanized locations.

On the other hand, Google presents an alternative for this. The vice president of engineering for maps at the company Brian McClendon explained that there is an update for Google Maps in Android platform. It will have new features, which include the capability to synchronize across devices.