Apple's new iPad Mini to be unveiled late October

Apple’s new iPad Mini to be unveiled late October

Speculations say that the biggest competition to Kindle and Nexus is closely approaching — the iPad Mini — and could be in stores on November.

Apple is said to be in preparation of distributing invitations to media very soon regarding the new iPad Mini. According to anonymous sources, the invitations will be reaching inboxes of Apple-picked press this coming 10th of October.

If the company will follow the usual thing they have been doing, then the new gadget will be launched on or aboout October 17, Wednesday. The possibilities are that the iPad Mini will be at stores on lat October or early November.

However, just like the iPhone 5 thing, Apple still haven’t posted any comments, even a single bit of information, on the release of iPad Mini. Over the last six months, there’s plenty that have been leaked with regard to the new Apple device and what to expect further.

Just last month, images of the suspected iPad Mini have been published and it seemed that it’s going to be a real good deal for the consumers. The image presented a smaller version of the tab with a thicker profile tipped off by the beefy edges of the gadget. However, this does not confirm anything abou the size of rhe iPad Mini, but is expected to be in 7.85 inches.


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