Apple’s taking a fresh competition after winning over patent rights

Apple won against Samsung Electronics in a court battle for the patent issues. After the federal jury deliberated the case, they decided that Samsung is guilty of infringing patent rights owned by Apple Inc. Samsung will pay more than $1.05 billion for the damages it caused to Apple.

An amount of $2.5 billion was demanded by Apple to recompense those patents. According to the jury, Samsung has violated six out of seven patents claimed by Apple.

And now that Apple claimed victory, it is opening its doors for Microsoft to take them with a fresh look. It is expected that Microsoft’s Windows 8 will be launched sooner or later; the company will soon introduce its personal tablet into the market. The new operating system is a cloud friendly and touched screen responsive reaction to the devices of Apple Inc.

Since the victor has claims over the patent rights, Apple is now getting ready to compete with other manufacturers of Android, including Microsoft.