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Asus PadFone Tablet Has a Smartphone Hidden Inside It

A narrative proposal: Hide a smartphone inside the back of a tablet, and you could have the best of both worlds.  That is what Asus has done with its PadFone, snuggling its latest Android smartphone into a docking bay in the back of its bigger-screened tablet companion, full with a little door that closes behind it, storing the handset secretly.

This may remind us of the Motorola Atrix 4G smartphone.  Yet, it is not fairly similar, because Atrix plugs into a laptop-like buddy, containing a keyboard and screen.

Asus PadFone TabletAt this moment, details of the configuration are so far dim.  Asus has been plugging its tagline of “Break the Rules: Pad or Phone” and the company is performing that by carrying the type of flexibility to a tablet form factor of Motorola Atrix.

Together Asus and Motorola are on the right track, because those who should bring about a bag complete of devices each day, we would desire to keep away from replication of effort.  This Asus system utilizes what is perhaps a double-core processor within that smartphone to run a tablet also.  After that there is only one unit that carries both tables and smartphone processing, and there is only one cellphone bill to pay.

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