AT&T employees on a strike due to company harassment

On Tuesday, there are over 20,000 employees from AT&T based in Connecticut, California, and Nevada has began a two-day strike to protest what the union referred as harassment inflicted by the company.

AT&T, the phone company, is settling new legal agreements together with the Communications Workers of America. According to the president of CWA district that covers Nevada and California, Libby Sayre, the compasny has set restrictions on the standard bargaining-support routines like putting on union buttons and stickers. She further stated that unlike any other bargaining strike, this event is restricted and extendable.

Marty Richter, the spokesperson from AT&T, stated that the company continues to be bargaining in good hopes. In addition to this, Richter remarked that the company is ready to deal with trouble even though the employees are from the landline section of the company.

Last June, there was a large number of workers in Nevada and California who walked out from their respective jobs to protest a memo. According to the union it has impinged their performances at the workplace.

The contracts had expired last April, and there are still talks inside the company which has been going on since February.