AT&T Enlarges its Wi-Fi Hot Spots in Public Areas

Wi-Fi access is one of the main plans of AT & T Inc. for expansion for its subscribers in New York and introducing it in San Francisco, adding information ability in two cities with weighty wireless network utilize from the iPhone and other gadgets.

The phone company is to proclaim that it will expand Wi-Fi hot spots in New York’s Times Square just prior to New Year’s revelers cramming there for the yearly countdown to midnight. It is moreover organizing its first hot spots in a public, outside area of San Francisco, the Embarcadero waterfront district.

AT&T has managed a broad network of hot spots in hotels, airports, Starbucks coffee shops and other indoor locations for several years. The innovative “hot zones,” as AT&T names them, are unlike in that they cover public, outside spaces are and group jointly several access points to cover a bigger area.

AT&T Wi-Fi

The zones give quick information service for AT&T subscribers and redirect traffic from the cellular network of the company. Several AT&T smart phones, as well as the iPhone, attach mechanically to AT&T Wi-Fi when it’s accessible.

iPhone consumers are host in both New York and San Francisco and tax AT&T’s network greatly. The company completed it a main concern this year to get better wireless service in the two cities.

The Dallas-based company put up a hot zone in Times Square in May, and afterward in downtown Charlotte, N.C., and Chicago’s Wrigleyville neighborhood.

John Donovan, Chief Technology Officer said those pilots have been victorious, so the company is increasing coverage just about Times Square and putting up zones around close by Rockefeller Center and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

The company plans more Wi-Fi extension, together with in sports stadiums, Donovan said.

Donovan said, Wi-Fi is a gainful accompaniment to wireless broadband above AT&T’s standard, 3G cellular network,¬†¬†although it doesn’t restore investment in that technology. He said, the inspiration for the zones is to get better the subscriber knowledge where many people draw together.

Smart-phone and landline broadband subscriber of AT&T be able to make use of the zones for free of charge, and usage doesn’t count to monthly information limits.