AT&T Service Outage Now Restored

AT&T Service OutageThe outage of AT&T service on Saturday and Sunday triggered angers and various reactions from the customers but service has been restored though not totally but most of the AT&T wireless customers in Southern California.

Around 3pm on Saturday throughout the evening, customers reported difficulties receiving or making calls within the AT&T’s network. However, since the outage only affected the voice service, customers were still able to send and receive text messages and data.

According to Meredith Red, AT&T spokeswoman, the wireless issues was because of a hardware equipment problem but later confirmed that it is a mechanical issue with the switching equipment that routes the calls.

The hardware problem affected 900 cellular towers within the network around the country of Los Angeles. As of Sunday morning, service was mostly restored.

During the CNN interview with company spokeswoman Meredith Red, she said “We are pretty much all back online except for a handful of towers that will be up and running shortly,”

The company did not give figures as to how many users were affected of the massive outage, but the angry masses and customers were enough to make the AT&T outage trending on Twitter.

A report from KTLA said that AT&T is considering refunds for customers on a base-by-case basis but no clear indication as to how to be qualified for the refund or credit.

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  1. September 27, 2011 at 9:07 pm

    I will never use AT&T, Verizon is so much better in my opinion.

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