Audi A2 Showcases the Lights

Audi A2Audi is going to showcase a small, electric concept version of its A2 – the most interesting part of it are the lights. Car lovers can take a closer look at it at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany.

This Audi A2 concept is about 12 feet long, it is more like the length of a Fiat 500, but it is bursting with more features. For example, the dark glass in the roof of this white show car switches to a clear glass with just press of a button.

As for its main feature – the headlights, they are a state-of-the-art kind of LEDs called “matrix beam”. According to Audi, the set of LED lights and micro reflectors makes a high resolution and non-glaring high beam light. All the lights that this car is just as classy, the tail lights are very intelligent as it adapts the illumination according to the visibility conditions and the back fog lights are produced by laser diodes. This will let the cars following you to see a beam of light in the fog that shows a red triangular shape in the road indicating a warning.

Other lights in the car have various functions, some we may understand but some are just new that we don’t know how they work. For example, “a red bar of light flows forward from the tail lights when braking and demonstrates the strength of the brakes intuitively for other road users.”

Audi also mentioned that they are going to introduce the car in the U.S. but no promises are made yet.