Be Careful in Talking to Siri, warns Lawyer

Ever wonder how long Apple’s Siri remembers the voice commands you give it? According to Wired, it’s about two years.

How do Siri of Apple remembers your voice commands? and how long does it keep it? Reports are beginning to appear about Apple’s Siri having some issues about the privacy policy.

According to Apple, Siri can gather voice commands from its user and keeps them for two years. With the voice data it gathered, is assigns a random number to it and keep it as a file. After six months of using the Siri feature, the system automatically deletes the random file number, however, it keeps a file of the voice command. This will remain in the servers of Apple for two years and the company claim that these recorded voice commands will help refine the Siri feature.

But if a user stops using Siri and turns the feature off, voice commands gathered and other data will be deleted right away.

According to a lawyer for American Civil Liberties Union, Nicole Ozer who brought up this issue, Apple is able to do more than this. And with this, she wants Apple to make a Siri Privacy Policy in the Siri FAQ page.”There is no good reason for Apple not to include information about privacy practices on their Siri FAQ page,” she said.

She also warned the users to be more careful and be sensitive on what to say to Siri, “what you say to Siri could reveal sensitive things about you, your family, or business.”

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