The Best Holiday Item for Kids – Apple iPad

According to the latest survey by research firm Nielsen, iPad rates of Apple elevated as a must-have item between children ages 6 to 12. The tablet PC outranked the iPod Touch, Nintendo DS, Sony PlayStation Portable, and bigger gaming systems for instance the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii.

In Nielsen’s corporate blog dated Nov. 22 it reads, “With Black Friday coming, parents may possibly desire to acquire up early Friday morning to get agreements, as a current review demonstrates their children’s looking at several wallet-stretching electronics this holiday season.  This review recommends the electronics passageway will be deeply toured this season.”


Leading the study, several 31 percent of children age 6 to 12 articulated attention in possessing an iPad in the subsequently six months. By contrast, a number of 29 percent said very similar concerning the iPod Touch. A number of 25 percent preferred a Nintendo DS.

Between children 13 and older, a number of 19 percent uttered attention in purchasing a smartphone in the next six months, went following by the iPad at 18 percent, Blu-Ray performer at 17 percent, e-reader and Nintendo Wii at a respective 15 percent, PlayStation 3 at 13 percent, and iPod Touch at 11 percent.

In conditions of additional innovative electronics striking the market this holiday season, a number of 14 percent of children involving 6 and 12 uttered attention in Microsoft’s Kinect hands-free games controller, outpacing the 8 percent of those aged 13 and older. Microsoft is torrential millions into marketing the Kinect, which it expects will make bigger the existence of its Xbox 360 franchise.

According to present information from Strategy Analytics, the iPad presently embraces 95.5 percent of the global tablet market. Nevertheless, the universal anticipation is that the future line up of tablet challengers will rather decrease market-share of Apple. Samsung, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Research In Motion, Acer, and other producers all have tablets moreover headed to market or in improvement.

Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, make used of his company’s discharge of its iOS 4.2 modernize, which takes features for instance multitasking to the iPad, to get a steal at those opponents. He wrote in a statement posted on Apple’s corporate Website, “Once more, the iPad with iOS 4.2 will describe the aim that other tablets will wish to, however incredibly little, if some will always be competent to strike.”

The iPad stands for a considerable line of business for Apple, selling 4.19 million units in the fiscal 2010 fourth quarter. Colin McGranahan, Bernstein Research analyst projected in October that 2011 iPad revenues would move toward to $9 billion.