Big-Screened iPhone Still Persisting

Apple named its new tablet as “New iPad” which everyone hoped to be iPad 3, another news came out that the new iPhone will also jump out from the iPhone plus the-number-of-the-version name but it’s not the main issue. Still pushing, the new iPhone will have a 4-inch screen.

Numerous blog writers and techies seem to be agreeing to these well known rumors as verification of the big-screened iPhone.

People’s anticipation that Apple would create big-screened iPhones has been burning brightly for a year now – though unsupported. Many people anticipated that the iPhone 4S could have a bigger screen, however it retained the 3.5-inch screen. Like the rivals running on Android OS like Samsung having variety of sizes, many of them is much larger than the iPhones. The Galaxy Note with 5.3-inch screen for instance.

Bigger sources like Reuters and The Wall Street Journal stated they, too, are not sure about the rumors coming out. Both cannot add much more detailed news about the purported 4-inch screen iPhone. And just like any bloggers, they also use the popular lines like “people knowledgeable about the matter…” or “people familiar with the…” and the likes.

Still, no confirmed specifications or designs coming out from the phone maker. We just have to wait for the official announcements or maybe in the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference as also rumored that it will be announce there. You might want to read our post regarding that matter here: Rumors for iPhone 5 Release Date

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    in present time many company provide iphone but nokia is the best quality of i phone in low price with big screen

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