Biggest Chinese Search Engine, to be Powered by Microsoft’s Bing

bing chinaMicrosoft’s search engine named Bing will give English-language search results for Baidu, the biggest search engine of China, according to the announcement of the company.

More features of the agreement, including its financial terms, were not revealed.

The progress pursues choice of Google in the previous year to pull its search engine from mainland of China, following a high-profile dust-up over censorship of search results.  The page currently redirects visitors to Google’s Hong Kong search site when they try to enter terms into the search bar.

Baidu holds about 80% of the search engine market in China.  Enhanced English-language results through Bing might increase its share even higher.

The company has created other current moves to develop its footprint.  It pronounced a US$306 million agreement with Qunar, a Chinese travel search engine that will see Baidu become Quanar’s majority investor.

In the mean time, Microsoft is no doubt enthusiastic to get better access to China’s about 480 million Internet users as it attempts to chip away at Google’s vast lead in the worldwide search engine market.

According to figures generated Monday by GlobalStats website of Statcounter, until now this month, Google held 91.07% of the global market compared to 3.21% for Bing.