Old Bing Maps are Being Featured in the Latest Facebook Places

Two weeks ago, the Facebook Places, the freshly launched location-based feature of the program, utilizes the previous account of Bing Maps, in spite of Microsoft having modernized it.

Microsoft gives extra important revises to its Bing Maps service, transporting a latest color system, latest fonts and better wording dimensions, Seattle Pl said.

Website on Facebook’s mobile phone, which proposes the Places service, appears to be utilizing the older account of Bing Maps.

Talking to Seattle PI, a Microsoft representative alleged in a statement: “The latest map method is not accessible in the Bing Maps Platform thus far by means of the Open API. We are in vigorous deliberations to have Facebook start on utilizing the latest map method on one occasion it becomes natively obtainable in the Bing Maps Platform.”   The bureaucrat Facebook iPhone application utilizes Google Maps in the Places role.

The service, which is presently obtainable merely in the US, will permit consumers to transmit their location over their social system and sign in to close by spaces to allow people anywhere they are and what they doing.