BioWare Mass Effect 3 Confirms Co-op Multiplayer Feature

BioWare Mass Effect 3According to MSNBC, BioWare has verified co-op multi-player feature for Mass Effect 3. The verification emanates from series executive producer Casey Hudson who announced on Twitter Monday and named the co-op missions “spectacular,”. BioWare’s official Twitter account also has verified the statement.

“There will be a multiplayer component for #ME3,” according to the said. “Full details soon, so wait until then before making your decision. We think you’ll like it!”
As outlined by BioWare’s Facebook page, fans can listen up for a special tv show of BioWareTV at 10am on Wednesday, for more information on the coop feature, or as the studio suggests, “to have all your questions answered!”
The storyline on the game’s multi-player support initially started earlier on Monday together with the Official Xbox Magazine uncovering the December issue which boasts multi-player game play over Xbox Live. With that being said, since the story is an OXM exclusive, BioWare may restrict information in their Television show on Wednesday and any time after that until the strikes news stands.

“The exclusive hands-on report also includes screenshots of the all-new mode, as well as in-depth info on how it will all work with Mass Effect 3’s beefy solo campaign,” according to the magazine. “Time to put all those questions and rumors to rest.”

Australia’s PC PowerPlay is also writing a similar post on October 19, so it is not a console-exclusive feature.