BitTorrent Introduces Free Alternative of Cloud Service to Public

The peer-2-peer file sharing company, BitTorrent, have shared their latest data-synchronizing technology in the public for a free test.

The developers of BitTorrent uses the basic p2p sharing technology to send infos between users and eliminating the use of cloud services.

Yes! this sync technology eliminates the use of third party servers or cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox which have been aggressively leading in this service.

According to an analyst, the service would appeal to individual users for private use but not with big companies.

The San Franciso-based, eight-year old company, BitTorrent, is a firm that offers products free for use for every users. It developed a technology that makes sharing of large files easy and quick to send through the internet.

bittorrent sync

BitTorrent have been linked to piracy a couple of times already because of sharing media but the company itself is legal. They make money by having a license in its technology and brands to customers.

They have already started testing their new invention at the beginning of the year. It is still in alpha category which means it is not yet stable. But they announced through a blog post inviting the users to try it out.

It is free to download so why not give it a shot?