BlackBerry CEO Claims Tablet PCs will be Obsolete after Five Years

Tablet PCs has been quite aggressive today along with the smartphones. Some think that this technology will continue for a longer time but with during the interview of Bloomberg with BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins, he said that tablets will be obsolete in five years. This indicates that he is not a fan of this technology in spite of releasing their own PlayBook Tablet

This is a bold statement from the CEO of a mobile technology manufacturer which also makes tablet PCs. In BlackBerry’s history, they also joined the tablet PC market and introduced their PlayBook. It was a great hit when it debuted but just can’t stand the competition against the emerging Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tabs. Now, BlackBerry’s PlayBook is more like a bargain item.

BlackBerry CEO

For those who bought a PlayBook, some of them did not like it and switch to new devices while some became a fan and hoped for a new model that will run the latest BlackBerry 10 OS, which also run on the latest BlackBerry Z10 smartphones. According to the BlackBerry executive, they will not manufacture tablet PC’s unless they can make a good profit from it. The CEO also noted that the tablet PC market is not a good sector to be in.

After the interview of Bloomberg with CEO Thorsten Heins, BlackBerry followed up a statement defending what the CEO said stating that the comments made were about the future of the mobile computing generally. They also said that they are learning more about the strategies to be used in their tablets and will share it to the public whenever it is ready.

Also in the interview, the BlackBerry CEO claimed that BlackBerry will be leading the mobile computing technology in the next five year.