BlackBerry Goes Down to Third Rank in the Handset Market

blackberryThere is more shocking news for falling BlackBerry manufacturer Research In Motion (RIM).  BlackBerry is at third place as Google Android and Apple iPhone have further increased their share in the U.S, according to the newest smartphone market data.

Google Android gadgets have engraved out as much as 38.1% of the market share throughout the previous three months, according to the report of Market research leader ComScore.

ComScore said Google Android ranked as the top operating system with 38.1 percent of US smartphone subscribers, up 5.1% throughout this period at the last part of May.

Apple bumped BlackBerry from number two position with 26.6% of the market share, up 1.4%.

BlackBerry was demoted to the third rank with 24.7%, falling 4.2% throughout the period.

According to the report, the allocation of Microsoft as well reduced to 5.8%, decrease around 2%.

In the abrupt fall in the American smartphone market, BlackBerry has gone its top rank in just a matter of months.  It was the top-seller with a market share of over 33.5% only last October.

Its allocation has decreased to 30.4% by the month of January.  After that, it has been all downward from RIM. With its aging handset line-up anticipated to be changed just following year, the BlackBerry company based at Waterloo close to Toronto, has small opportunity of bouncing back.

RIM stock went on to float about $27, sliding 46% Tuesday on the Toronto stock exchange.  The stock has lost over 50% of its worth from the start of January and as at its lowest in six year.

RIM is presently prized at around $14 billion, down from $83 billion in June 2008 when its stock touched the $150-mark.

RIM was shoved to the fifth slot, by Apple, with its allocation minimizing to 8.15 to 8.6% three months ago in the handset market.  Apple increased 1.2% to manage 8.7% of the handset market.

Samsung remained the topper in the handset market, with an allocation of 24.8%, followed by LG with 21.1% and Motorola with 15.1%.

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