Blackberry left out hanging for iPhone, ICE

iPhone has won another battle. A U.S. government agency, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency or ICE, is jumping to iPhone and leaving off RIM and its Blackberry smartphone. The said agency is said to spend an amount of US$4.1 million for its 17,600 employees to purchase for iPhones after having an eight-year partnership with Blackberry.

According to the officials of the agency, the provider for Blackberry, RIM, can no longer address and meet the needs of the agency when it comes to mobile aspects. In addition to this, they emphasized that upon finding out the services of iPhone, these will allow them to increase reliability, especially to mobile technology that’s secure and manageable, meeting the mission of the agency.

The employees assigned to the Office of the Principal Legal Advisor, Homeland Security Investigations, Enforcement and Removal Operations as well as to other divisions of the agency will make its move to having iPhone as their new mobile device.

ICE has decided that they will be leaving RIM’s smartphone because the iPhone and its iOS platform has offered services that are of good use to the agency. The agency is also concerned with regard to the anticipated sluggishness of RIM’s market share in the future.