BlackBerry to be Suspended by India

BlackBerry is threatened to be suspended on August 31 by the Indian government. This is done to give the government its access to all of the services of BlackBerry. If this is not done, the company will face a “shut down” of its products.

Why would the Indian government suspend such a worldwide known device as BlackBerry?

India’s reason behind the suspension is the fear that militants and terrorists might use this device in attacking or threatening the people of India. The government does not want an event, like the Mumbai attack on 2008, to happen again. The attack caused 166 people dead.

The main issue behind the suspension is that India wants to monitor encrypted traffic from BlackBerry, so that they can detect if there is harm that will be done from the users of the device.

It is not just India who made this move. Actually, United Arab Emirates was the first country to propose a blockage of such device. UAE imposed a “national security risk” in the devices’ “ability to send messages and e-mail without the authorities having the ability to monitor the communication.”

With UAE’s first move, other countries, including India as the latest, are expecting to have the access in the “virtually untraceable” encrypted messages.

Updates stated that RIM is now proposing that they can offer help to the authorities to track the messages and e-mails without giving the encryption details. But the government expresses that this proposition is just not enough.