BlackBerry Z10 boosts in stock

BlackBerry Z10, the recently released smartphone from RIM, had its latest boost in stock after Chief Executive Officer Thorsten Heins stated that the new BB Z10 are off to a good start in Canada, its hometown.

On Wednesday, Heins noted in a keen statement that the new smartphones had a record-high on its very first day of release in Canada. BlackBerry Z10 sales surged to over fifty percent. This figure is better compared to any launches they had for BlackBerry phones in the same country. In the U.K., the demand is also high with its sales three times better compared to its last record of sales in the said nation.

This is a very good manifestation that there’s a huge demand waiting for the new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone. Users of BlackBerry had waited patiently for the launch date despite the delays.

BlackBerry Z10 boosts in stockAs a result, the shares of BlackBerry has increased by six percent on the launch day. It increased more up to thirty percent after the release.

On the other hand, there are still some tech experts and analysts who believe that it’s still too early to rely on BB’s sales surge, after it has been quite slow for awhile before the BB Z10 release. Moreover, BlackBerry still needs to make sure that the demand for the device won’t slow in the following days and months in order to post a change in its smartphone business.