BlackBerry Z10 sales high in Britain and Canada

After the big reveal of Research In Motion, the BlackBerry maker, BB Z10 is reported to be selling in high records for the first week that it’s out in the market in both Canada and Britain.

BlackBerry Z10’s biggest test will be on March when it will be released on sale in the U.S.

The new smartphone for RIM is a touch-screen phone which is already gotten a good start in Britain. This is the biggest compared to the other models of BlackBerry.

Britain BlackBerry

The company noted that BlackBerry’s Z10 is making it three times more than the prior models. That’s the precise count the company can account into as noted by CEO Thorsten Heins.

Moreover, BlackBerry Z10’s sales in its homeland Canada is up for over fifty percent from prior launches of BlackBerry phones. The company has put much confidence to the launch of BB Z10 and its new OS to continue to be significant in the mobile market.

Nevertheless, the big test of BB Z10 will be on next month when it comes on sale in U.S.A. carried by T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon Wireless. However, none of the companies have given out comments on the release of the BlackBerry’s Z10 in U.S.