Latest Search Engine is called Blekko

A latest search engine that tries to utilize human contribution to purify search outcomes, named Blekko (a practical ecommerce platform that can provide excellent information that can help webmasters or site owners increase traffic to their sites) to be open a public beta soon.

The location applies what the location calls “slashtags”: a curated list of sites around a specified subject. Consumers are able to produce the locations, and as well exercise them as a search modifier to merely search surrounded by them.


Google and Microsoft’s Bing will be acquiring by Blekko, connecting a little list of search startups, for instance Cuil, that launched, stunk, and afterward died. But if it descends, it would not be for lack of a public effort, Rich Skrenta, chief executive Rich Skrenta.

Skrenta wrote in a blog “Bing and Google have hundreds of contractors that utilize web tools to purify this significance information – categorizing porn, spam, domain parks, ecommerce locations, fake 404’s, markov-spam, official sites, and so on

Skenta added, “As a 20-person establish, we asked ourselves how blekko may possibly bring together this necessary information. Appoint contractors? Make use of Mechanical Turk? Elance? However – certainly! – We recognize a much improved means…. A method you can acquire instructions of magnitude better contribution, while simultaneously being extremely open concerning the procedure. Allow the public in.”

Blekko said Slashtags sift away alleged “spammy” locations, although depend on the individual makers to edit them and include new locations that arise. Users can “pursue” other slashtags and utilize them as sifts, and furthermore be appropriate to edit them. The location as well has a “worldwide chatter” page which auto-tracks updates to the locations and to slashtags, and can provide as a kind of message medium of sorts.

The search engine furthermore contains an SEO page for individual search out comes, the capability to remark on a fastidious location, and even the search outcome location’s IP address, just by drifting the mouse over the link.

Blekko itself curates lots of the issues. For instance, looking for “technology /tech-reviews” introduce a list of pertinent outcomes.

Partial objective of Blekko will be to recognize the 50 most excellent locations on the Web for the top 100,000 search categories. Eventually, the locations will “auto-slash” questions.

At the moment, there do not appear to be some “featured” or paid search results, or promotion.

It has increased $24 million as its beginning in 2007 from U.S. Venture Partners and CMEA Capital, and foremost angel shareholders together with Ron Conway, Mike Maples, Jeff Clavier, and Marc Andreessen,  Blekko said.