Blockbuster Flyers Hint Release Date of Sony’s PS Vita

psvita-releaseAn “upcoming releases” flyer for the UK arm of retailer Blockbuster has apparently verified the release date of the PlayStation Vita, Sony’s upcoming replacement to the PSP.  The document, sent to IGN by an unknown UK gamer, suggests that the Vita will drop on October 28, 2011, in the UK at least, in both WiFi only and 3G+ WiFi forms

All Sony will say is that the Vita is on target for a “phased global release” this coming holiday season, even though has refused to be some more detailed than that.  It is as well indistinct whether that means all regions will observe the PS Vita on shelves in time on December 2011 for Christmas season or if several will have to stay until early in the New Year.  The latter appeared to be specified by several Amazon pre-order rumors way back in June.

Sony formally established the PlayStation Vita back at E3 2011 in June.  The handheld which until after that had been recognized by its internal codename, the Sony NGP has a 5-inch OLED touchscreen, a touchpad-style regulator surface on the back panel, and several new social gaming features including proximity-based collaborative games.

Pricing in the US is confirmed at $249 for the WiFi-only Vita, while the 3G/WiFi model will retail for $299.


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    It’s not as easy as you’d think to set up a store online. I’ve just done one and you need a business account and payment gateway which can be difficult to get and cost money.

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    i have this console and i love it ! 🙂

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