BMW Sued for Priapism

A man from California sued BMW North America and the maker of the motorcycle seat stating that the four-hour round-trip drive on his 1993 BMW motorcycle which has a ridge-like seat caused him a serious case of persistent and lasting erection, a disease called “Priapism” – it held up for 20 months and counting.

Although there were several issues regarding the narrow “banana” motorcycle seats which causes diminished feeling in that particular area, for both men and women, this is the worst case so far that we have seen.

Henry Wolf together with his lawyer Vernon Bradley of Sausalito submitted the product or service legal responsibility lawsuit towards BMW and Corbin-Pacific, the well-known company that made the seat, in California Superior Court, San Francisco last Thursday.

The Wolf v. BMW lawsuit claims that Mr. Wolf is still suffering with the continuous erection problem until now since September 2010 round-trip drive. According to a couple of Viagra advertisements, anything exceeding for four hours is not a good news anymore, so the case clearly says that it is a very serious problem.

“…now is unable to engage in sexual activity, which is causing him substantial emotional and mental anguish.” according to an emotional distress of Mr. Wolf’s lawsuit.

Based on the suit, the Californian wants reimbursement from Corbin-Pacific and BMW for the lost salaries, emotional hardship, medical expenses, and overall damage.