New Engine for Bungie’s New Activision Project

With the release of Halo, Bungie offers goodbye to the Halo: Reach, the company is previously changing focus more than to its next project. It involves a ten-year multiplatform partnership with publisher Activision.

Particulars on it have been nearly missing, thus far that is.  Bungie has exposed that it is in the procedure of putting up a completely latest game engine from the ground up, not stand on some preexisting or third-party tech.


Brian Jarrard, Bungie communications manager said the step to expand that the progress to begin new strengthens the studio’s “independent spirit.”

Jarrard noted that “Just like we don’t desire to build up a game off somebody else’s IP; we desire to drive our individual technology in the same way.  That is going to be our site for the predictable outlook.”

There is no problem that rediscovering the wheel can be an expensive – and dangerous – business enterprise; however, specified that Bungie is a confirmed studio, we imagine Activision be able to relax simple at night.