Cablevision and Viacom Comes To Lawsuit Settlement for iPad TV Show Streaming

thumb_cablevisionipad-lg2The Cablevision iOS app that allows you to stream TV shows to your iPad has finally cleared the Viacom hurdle.  The Optimum iOS app for the iPad was initially launched way back in April giving up to 300 TV channels.  And a lot similar to the response to the Time Warner Cable iPad app, Viacom prosecuted Cablevision alleging that the company did not have the authority to place it proves on something excluding the cable TV.

Cablevision has always argued against the claim insisting the different other cable companies, its network was IP-based and for therefore streaming to iPads, iPhones, and iPods was just similar to flowing to other TV screens.  It believed that it was operating in its existing contract with Viacom and other TV networks.  On the contrary, Viacom believed it distribution by means of internet, which violates their contract also as patent law.

It comes that the resolution of an “unrelated business matter” might have helped push things through.  The two companies according to a joint statement have reached an agreement to joint satisfaction even though neither side has granted its original legal position.  They as well did not reveal some details on the settlement.