Sensitivity Training for Canon’s PowerShots

The replacement to its a-series models back at CES 2011 was announced by Canon, leaving its Elph lineup undamaged. That altered, although, as Canon rolled out three innovative ultracompacts with a new compact megazoom. Oh, and Canon changed its naming system.

The PowerShot Elph 100 HS, Elph 300 HS, and Elph 500 HS all characteristic 12-megapixel high-sensitivity backside-illuminated CMOS sensors and a Canon Digic 4 image computer; the mixture makes up Canon’s HS System, therefore the HS is currently piece of the replica names. Canon did gone with the “SD” and “IS” in their names as every obtain SD cards now (SDHC and SDXC) and they all have visual image stabilization.

Canon PowerShots
While they all contain the similar processors and image sensors, the major dissimilarities are in the lenses and exhibits. The $299.99 500 HS has an f2-5.8 24mm-equivalent ultrawide-angle lens with a 4.4x zoom and a 3.2-inch touch-screen LCD. It’s essentially a mixture of the SD4000 IS and SD3500 IS. The 300 HS will be $50 less than the 500 HS and characteristic an f2.7-5.9 24mm-equivalent ultrawide-angle lens with a 5x zoom and a 2.7-inch LCD in a very little corpse. At the base is the 100 HS with a 3-inch LCD and a 4x f2.8-5.9 28mm-equivalent wide-angle lens. It will put up for sale for $199.99. All of the replicas can imprison video in filled HD.

Canon also efficient the SX210 IS compact megazoom by totaling the similar HS System as the Elphs. The new $349.99 SX230 HS stays its predecessor’s 14x, f3.1-5.9, 28-392mm lens (35mm equivalent) and 3-inch LCD, but obtains a 12-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor. It too obtains a built-in GPS handset for retagging photos as you shoot.

Seek the Elphs and the SX230 HS to strike stores during March.