Carte Goodwin Opposes Cap on Emissions

Carte Goodwin, an American attorney is the new member of the Democrats. He replaced Senator Robert  Byrd after his death. Goodwin was appointed by Governor Joe Manchin just recently, July 16, 2010. On July 20, 2010, Goodwin will be taking oath of office.

According to reporters, Goodwin disagrees with the mandatory cap emissions. Goodwin stated that the greenhouse gas emissions will affect West Virginia. As a servant to his people, he doesn’t want to put into danger the people of West Virginia. The effects of these emissions will affect the jobs at West Virginia. Furthermore it will also harm the families housing at West Virginia.

Carte Goodwin

Goodwin served as Governor Manchin’s chief counsel during the Governor’s first termfrom 2005-2009. Goodwin’s position is said to last until November. This is so because Manchin is hoping to hold a special election for Senator Byrd’s remaining term until 2013.

In Senator Harry Reid’s statement, as Majority Leader, he expects that Goodwin will agree with the Democrats. The first thing that they will vote on is the legislation to extend unemployment benefits.

But Reid has come to realize that he will have a hard time discussing issues especially on climate and environmental issues. Reid will probably lose when Goodwin debates issues in the latter.

Byrd, on the other hand, has been anticipated to be in favor of passing the bill that places a price on greenhouse gas emissions. His fellow senator, John Rockfeller, like Goodwin, disagrees with this bill.

Not like Rockfeller and Goodwin, 12 freshmen Senators were sending signals that they are agreeing with the energy bill, including the cap on emissions. Majority Leader Reid said that the Senate will have to make some discussions about this controversial bill.