Blizzard Extends Auction House Downtime Due to Gold Exploit

Blizzard has announced that the Diablo III auction house is going to remain offline for another day to audit accounts that are involve in the gold exploit bug.

The downtime of the auction house followed the recent 1.0.8 update of the game that triggered an exploit letting users duplicate golds of up to trillions.

The aim of the latest patch was to fix the bugs and apply some changes on the game but it accidentally triggered a duplication bug of game golds. Good thing the game publisher was notified after a few hours when the patch was launched. Blizzard took down the auction houses right away and investigated the issue. According to Lylirra, the community manager of Diablo III’s official game forum, “troubleshoot in a more stable environment while preventing further exploiting,”.

diablo 3 gold bug

The game company did not release announcements yet on when they are going to open the auction houses again. Reportedly, fixes has been applied and game tests are complete.

In an interview with Blizzard, the company said that “auction house services will be restored as soon as the situation is resolved.” Their top priority as always is maintain safe, fair and fun gaming to genuine players, and “we’ll continue to monitor activity on and take action as needed.”