Nokia Lumia 928 Features AMOLED Display

Nokia has released a refreshed version of their Windos Phone Lumia 920 and labeled it as Lumia 928 exclusively on Verizon. The new Lumia resembles very well with the predecessor 920 but it features a new display and design.

Changes on the Lumia 928 are more focused on the aesthetic than the non-cosmetic. Both phones still have the 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 32GB storage, front-facing camera, and the amazing PureView camera on the back. The sole big difference between the phones is in the screen. Though they have similar resolution and size, the Lumia 928 sports an AMOLED display instead of the LCD screens. AMOLED uses lesser power so this could extend the battery life of the phone and it produces much improved contrast than the LCD. This is a good combination with the PureView camera.

Nokia Lumia 928

According to phone reviewers, they enjoyed Lumia 920 in terms of the design, quality, performance, and rated it with a high score. There is no doubt the the newer Lumia 928 will have a good reputation, too.

Tech specs:

4.5 inch screen size
8.7mp PureView rear camera (Carl Zeiss Optics) with OIS
wireless-charging capable
1.5GHz dual-core processor
1GB of RAM
32GB storage

(via: evleaks)