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Nokia Lumia 928

Nokia Lumia 928 Features AMOLED Display

Nokia has released a refreshed version of their Windos Phone Lumia 920 and labeled it as Lumia 928 exclusively on Verizon. The new Lumia resembles very well with the predecessor 920 but it features a new display and design.

Changes on the Lumia 928 are more focused on the aesthetic than the non-cosmetic. Both phones still have the 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 32GB storage, front-facing camera, and the amazing PureView camera on the back. The sole big difference between the phones is in the screen. Though they have similar resolution and size, the Lumia 928 sports an AMOLED display instead of the LCD screens. AMOLED uses lesser power so this could extend the battery life of the phone and it produces much improved contrast than the LCD. This is a good combination with the PureView camera.

Nokia Lumia 928

According to phone reviewers, they enjoyed Lumia 920 in terms of the design, quality, performance, and rated it with a high score. There is no doubt the the newer Lumia 928 will have a good reputation, too.

Tech specs:

4.5 inch screen size
8.7mp PureView rear camera (Carl Zeiss Optics) with OIS
wireless-charging capable
1.5GHz dual-core processor
1GB of RAM
32GB storage

(via: evleaks)

amazon 3d smartphone

Amazon Developing 3D Smartphone Without Using Glasses Inc. is reportedly developing some enhancements for their Kindle devices to compete more with the leading tab manufacturers Apple Inc. and Google Inc.

According to the poeple knowledgeable about the matter, the e-commerce company has recently been working on array of new devices including smartphones and audio streaming devices to broaden their reach beyond their tablet computers.

One of the smartphones that they currently working features a screen that allows 3D effects without having to use a glass. With “retina-tracking” technology, images will appear like a hologram and seems floating above the screen. According to sources, users can also navigate the smartphone using their eyes.

amazon 3d smartphone

These projects of from the Seattle-based e-commerce firm is not new anymore and has been publicized. In 2012, news came out that they are developing their own smartphones, and just last month, media outlets reported that Amazon is working on a movie-streaming device.

These devices are due to roll out this year as part of the company’s goal but people familiar with these projects advised that these gadgets could not directly compete with the leading manufacturers due to financial concern, performance and other matters.

nexus 5

Leaked Photo of a Smartphone, Product of Collaboration between Google and LG

EvLeaks, a very respected site showing leaks of the upcoming devices, has again released a photo of another smartphone that created a stir to the fans. But there are rumors already that this is either Google Nexus 5 or LG Optimus 2.

With this recently revealed photo created a rumor about the upcoming Optimus G2 of LG, there are also rumors around the block that this device is a product of the collaboration between Google Inc. and LG. If you have seen the Nexus 4 of Google and Optimus G of LG, there are similarities between the devices – this simalirites and the collaboration of the two smartphone giants could possibly lead to a Nexus 5 but branded by LG.

nexus 5

This is not the only smartphones that have been seen circling around. There are few phones from LG which are yet unknown. Some said that these are new versions of the Optimus G2 being tested before official announcements. These devices were said to have been running with 2GHz processors and has the latest Android 4.2.2 OS.

According to Chris Smith of Android Authority, the nameless and mysterious smartphone has a 5.5 inch screen when measured diagonally. He also speculated that this device will roll out at the end quarter of the year. This will follow the LG Optimus G Pro that was recently announced by the company.

(via: @evleaks)

nokia lumia 920 pureview camera

Nokia Invests on Cameras to get back Customers from Competitors

Nokia’s venture capital arm, Nokia Growth Partners, is planning to invest more in the California-based startup company Pelican Imaging as an attempt to get back customers from top competitors such as Android devices and Apple devices that offers high-end cameras with features and technology that changes picture-taking experience of the users in to a higher level.

This move from the Nokia’s venture capital arm is to encourage the demand of Nokia’s flagship phone line, the Lumia – which handles Microsoft Corporation’s Windows OS – to recover the loss in market share and increase the sales.

The Lumia phone line of the Finland-based company increased its sales in the first quarter of the year to 5.6 million from 4.4 million in the last quarter of 2012.  According to Strategy Analytics, Android-based platforms and Apple’s iOS devices owns the majority of the total market share while Nokia only owns 3 percent. The research group also said that on of the reasons why customers switch to new devices is the camera or the imaging quality. With Lumia’s current camera, this became the reason why they see an increase of sales.

nokia lumia 920 pureview camera

Cameras that uses multiple optics is getting close to being commercialized, Pelican is the company that makes the software of such cameras. According to Bo Ilsoe from the Nokia venture capital arm, “It’s very complicated to do this algorithmically and Pelican is one of the companies that has mastered this technology.”

The Finland-based smartphone manufacturer acquired Scalado, an imaging software maker based in Sweden, last year. They rolled out the amazing 41mp 808 PureView camera and added it in Nokia’s Lumia 920. The venture arm also invested in InVisage Technologies Inc., an image-sensing company, and Heptagon, a micro-optics manufacturer.

Nokia seems going all out in this move with so many imaging companies that they are working with. We are looking forward for the result and to what kind of camera phone will they have in the future.

LG Optimus F5 qtranslate

LG Optimus F5 Hits Market Starting in Europe on April 29

LG’s Optimus F5 will finally hit the market after it was unveiled in the 2013 Mobile World Congress.

The new smartphone of LG will start in the Europe market on April 29. It will also be introduced on Monday in France. After the release in Europe, other continents such as Asia, India, South and Central America will also follow after a few weeks.

LG boasts the smartphone’s enhanced UI experience and their very own advanced LTE technology. LG also extended the battery life without sacrificing the size with its 2,150mAh. And just like any other smartphones, it also feature a 4.3-inch IPS screen supported by the 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Dual-core processor. The physical size is 126 x 64.46 x 9.30mm and has a microSD slot that can support up to 32gb of memory.

LG Optimus F5 qtranslate

The LG Optimus F5 already has the latest Android Jelly Bean 4.1.4 OS. It also has a feature called QSlide that lets the user activate multiple applications such as games and music at the same time and control the size and transparency of each window. It also comes with a video editor that can also be incorporated with music.

And here’s a very nice feature that it has, the QTranslator! This feature can translate sentences, phrases, and words. Just scan the text with the camera and it will do the magic. It supports 44 languages and can translate them in 64 languages.

nokia microphone component

Nokia Wins Court Decision Against HTC over Microphone Component

Nokia has been granted an injunction by the court against its rival HTC Corp. Not patent issues this time but against a component that Nokia designed that has been used in the delayed HTC One smartphone.

According to the desicion of the Amsterdam District Court, the microphone component in question is originally invented by Nokia and manufactured by ST Microelectronics exclusively for Nokia only.

According to the Finnish phone manufacturer, they did not give authorization and license to HTC to use their invented component.

The injuction will be in effect unitl March 2014 and will also stop the manufacturer, ST Microelectronics, from selling the mic component to HTC, but we don’t know if other phone manufacturers are included.

nokia microphone component

This decision is an added problem for the Taiwan-based phone maker, which is already struggling for finding components for the very delayed HTC One smartphone.

HTC, dissappointed with the decision said that they will explore any other alternative solutions for this problem immediately.

Both phone manufacturers are losing grounds and decreasing profit in the aggressive smartphone market with the bigger rivals Apple Inc and Samsung – also in a legal battle over patent issues.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Samsung Slated to Release Galaxy S4 Mini on July

Samsung seems to be getting aggressive in the market with its constant release of high performance smartphones and cool features. After releasing Samsung Galaxy S3, they followed with Galaxy S3 mini which became a good hit in the market specially for those people who are on a budget but wants a powerful smartphone.

Earlier, the South Korea-based company released the Galaxy S4 which pulled some quite attention in the world with its powerful functionalities. It competed with the other top of the line phones such as iPhone.

According to reports, this strategy of Samsung could trigger another competition for budget phones. We believe that Apple will also compete in this category which is why they are rumored to release budget iPhones this year or next year.

With the expected release date of the Galaxy S4 mini, rumors suggest that it will be delayed and could be announced on July. There are no clear reports about this but we will keep you updated whenever changes come in.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini features:
4.3 HD Display
8mp rear-facing camera
Android 4.2.2 – Jelly Bean software
TouchWiz Nature UX UI
single sim variant will have a quad-core processor
dual sim variant will have a dual-core processor