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Mobile Websites: The Future of Business Websites

To any business, a mobile website is as important as a website itself. More and more users have begun to look for solutions on the go, and it is likely that this population would soon surpass conventional desktop visitors. This phenomenon could turn out advantageous to regional businesses, especially, which focus on providing locality-based services and solutions because almost a third of the local searches are done on mobile devices.

But the commonly misunderstood notion about a mobile website is that it is as good as a regular website, resized to fit into a smaller screen. That is not going to be of much help because the browsing conditions are very different on a mobile device than on a desktop. Some of the most important reasons are,

1. Mobile devices are used on the verge of making decisions.

2. The screen real estate is relatively smaller.

3. Sites optimized for mobiles are given priority on mobile searches.

The real problem lies not in realizing how important a mobile website is; it is to create a mobile website. Not everyone has the expertise required to build a business website and also optimize it for mobile devices. Professionals who offer these services come with a price tag that not everyone can afford. How then will emerging businesses that direly need a website, get it done?

That is where free website builder, Zoho Sites, come in. Zoho Sites empowers users to set up beautiful websites for their businesses, without having to write even a single line of code. It is ideal for small businesses that don’t have the monetary bandwidth to hire top-notch designers and developers to get their business website going. It lets you create a business website and a mobile optimized version, effortlessly. You build the regular website by dragging the visual elements into place, and the mobile website is generated automatically. When your visitors look you up on a mobile device, they are directed to the mobile-optimized version automatically, so there is no separate URL to remember.

So, HTML and other technology should not stop anyone from creating a business website that is optimized for mobile devices as well. Create your own business website today.

Andrew Brackin

PayPal Co-founder Peter Theil Offered $100,000 to British Teen to Help Create a Company

Paypal co-founder and Tech tycoon Peter Theil has offered Andrew Brackin, a British teen, with $100,000 to help in creating a technology firm but with a condition that he has to attend a university in San Francisco for two years.

The British teenager is one of the youngest businessman to offered with cash. Brackin have gone through rounds of thorough tests in the 2013 Theil Fellowship. The offered cash is to aid in setting up Bunchy, a program to be used for charities to raise money using the popular social networks. Andrew Brackin will also receive assistance and authority from other participating tech companies such as SiIlicon Valley and San Francisco businessmen.

Andrew Brackin

The British teen has already an experience and records of helping setting up companies. Before receiving the offer from the Theil Fellowship, Andrew Brackin co-founded a marketplace which now have 100,000 users and designers. He also helped run the Tomorrow’s Web – an event for technologists.

The Theil Fellowship was started in 2011 headed by tech tycoon Peter Theil, also a co-founder of the online transaction site PayPal. This fellowship’s aim is to help young people acquire high or alternative education.

“When we created the fellowship more than two years ago, our intention was to help a small number of creative people learn and accomplish more than they might have otherwise. ” Peter Theil said.

T-Mobile acquires metroPCS

T-Mobile Announces 500,000 iPhones Sold and Acquires MetroPCS

T-Mobile announced that they have sold 500,000 units of iPhones following their first quarter financial report Tuesday evening. The carrier started selling the phones on April 12 and the figures are still growing until now.

From the results of the report in the first quarter 2013, T-Mobile reported a decrease of profit compared the same quarter last year by 7 percent.

Earnings result excluding tax, depreciation, interest and amortization is $1.2 billion, down by 7.5 percent from the first quarter of 2012 but up from the fourth quarter of 2012.

On the other hand, the carrier started the second quarter with an aggressive beginning. Aside from adding the iPhone, they are also closing the deal to acquire the MetroPCS to furthermore expand their business. T-Mobile is also focusing on building their own LTE network to battle against their larger competitors.

T-Mobile acquires metroPCS

It was reported before that the new T-Mobile CEO John Legere is going to make some changes in the company, “Our first quarter operating metrics and financial results are showing positive impact…” he said in a statement.

“Things only get more exciting from here, having brought T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS together to create the wireless industry’s value leader and premier challenger.” he added.

Samsung shares

Samsung’s Problem Facing Unspent Cash Pile

Samsung had reportedly increased their share in the market in the first quarter of 2013. Now, they are facing a problem – a good problem. Just like Apple, the South, Korea-based company has a pile of hard-earned accumulated cash. The problem? how to spend those cash.

After the revenue reports in the first quarter this year, Samsung has a 42% increase in their profit. The company said that their cash equivalent and cash increase about $40 billion at the end of the quarter.

The South, Korea-based company then paid their debts leaving a cash position of $28.5 billion or 31.2 trillion won. Their profit increase was very surprising and eye-popping. It almost tripled their net cash last year.

Samsung shares

With this, analysts are now making their conclusion and predictions. Some say that Samsung will use their accumulated cash to acquire companies to furthermore expand their business and cover more areas like medical equipments and software business. Stockholders are now seeking increase in returns, they are considering an increase in dividend which is currently %1 of the share.

According to director Willis Tsai of TIAA-CREF, they will be asking Samsung “if they plan to keep all that cash,”. TIAA-CREF manages more than $400 million shares of the South, Korea-based company.

Samsung said they will prioritize “investments sustainable for areas like facilities, R&D, and marketing that will help the company solidify or boost competitiveness”.

European Commission

EU Backs Apple in Patent Infringement Case Against Motorola

The European Union anti-trust officials backed the Cupertino, California-based company, Apple Inc. against a patent case filed by Google’s Motorola. The EU officials said that Motorola is abusing their position, being the market leader in Germany for smartphones. Motorola filed a patent infringement case against Apple for some mobile phone functions.

The EU have already came with a preliminary view after the investigation opened on April, last year. According to them, these actions of Google’s Motorola “amounts to an abuse of a dominant position prohibited by EU anti-trust rules.”

Joaquin Almunia, the EU Competition Commisioner, said in a statement that intellectual property protection is a foundation of every company for innovation and growth. “But so is competition.”

European Commission
“I think that companies should spend their time innovating and competing on the merits of the products they offer not misusing their intellectual property rights to hold up competitors to the detriment of innovation and consumer choice.” he added.

Last month, Motorola also filed a patent claim against Apple and threats to block the imports of their devices in the United States but the US International Trade Commission tossed it out.

In the claim, the Google-owned company accused Apple of infringing a patent technology that ignores hand or finder gestures on the screen whenever the phone is in the ear for calls.

First 3D Printed Gun

First 3D Printed Gun Successfully Tested

For the first time ever, the gun made with a 3D printer was successfully tested in a firing range in the U.S.

Defense Distributed, the controversial group who developed this 3D printed firearm said that they are going to show the blueprints of their project online.

This controversial group has been criticized by the Anit-Gun campaigners and gone through ups and downs trying to make the gun using the 3D printer tehnology. And after a year of hard work, it successfully fired in a firing range in Austin, Texas. Many were there to witness this event.

First 3D Printed Gun

The law enforcement agency of Europe said that they have been monitoring the projects’ development. According to Victoria Baines of the Europol’s Cybercrime Centre, criminals are pursuing routes to acquire firearms, “But as time goes on and as this technology becomes more user friendly and more cost effective, it is possible that some of these risks will emerge.”

The group was headed by a 25-year old law student, Cody Wilson. He said that many didn’t expect this to happen.

google smartwatch patents

Google Filed Patents for Possible Smartwatch

Google seems not just getting busy with their upcoming Google Glass but also with the rumored smartwatch.

According to a report coming from AndroidCommunity, they have seen the filed patents and evidences that seems to be a possible information for another wearable gadget project by Google which is the smartwatch.

Market for wearable gadget might go on full stream if one of it takes off, whether the Glass or the smartwatch. It has also been rumored that Microsoft is also working with their smartwatch, as well as other mobile manufacturer, and it seems like Apple is getting close too. And for the spectacles, China-based company Baidu also have their Baidu Eye.

google smartwatch patents

The said patents filed by the tech giant shows some interesting images of the possible smartwatch design and details of the hardware. Battery, radio, process, and display is detailed on the patent, too. There are things that are in the Google Glass that will also be in the smartwatch, thing like the touch controls, touch pads, etc.

Also in the patent, there is an interesting part were it mentions that the sides of the watch has a touch pad or the wristband holding the hardware. Maybe it can be used for scrolling, zooming, or selecting applications.

No details as to when it will be announced to public or go to mainstream sales. We’ll just to wait for them and watch closely as they develop the wearable gizmos of the future.