Mobile Websites: The Future of Business Websites

To any business, a mobile website is as important as a website itself. More and more users have begun to look for solutions on the go, and it is likely that this population would soon surpass conventional desktop visitors. This phenomenon could turn out advantageous to regional businesses, especially, which focus on providing locality-based services and solutions because almost a third of the local searches are done on mobile devices.

But the commonly misunderstood notion about a mobile website is that it is as good as a regular website, resized to fit into a smaller screen. That is not going to be of much help because the browsing conditions are very different on a mobile device than on a desktop. Some of the most important reasons are,

1. Mobile devices are used on the verge of making decisions.

2. The screen real estate is relatively smaller.

3. Sites optimized for mobiles are given priority on mobile searches.

The real problem lies not in realizing how important a mobile website is; it is to create a mobile website. Not everyone has the expertise required to build a business website and also optimize it for mobile devices. Professionals who offer these services come with a price tag that not everyone can afford. How then will emerging businesses that direly need a website, get it done?

That is where free website builder, Zoho Sites, come in. Zoho Sites empowers users to set up beautiful websites for their businesses, without having to write even a single line of code. It is ideal for small businesses that don’t have the monetary bandwidth to hire top-notch designers and developers to get their business website going. It lets you create a business website and a mobile optimized version, effortlessly. You build the regular website by dragging the visual elements into place, and the mobile website is generated automatically. When your visitors look you up on a mobile device, they are directed to the mobile-optimized version automatically, so there is no separate URL to remember.

So, HTML and other technology should not stop anyone from creating a business website that is optimized for mobile devices as well. Create your own business website today.