Chevy Sonics Recalled Due to Missing Brake Pads

Chevy Sonic subcompactGeneral Motors Co. is ordering a recall to particular Chevrolet Sonic subcompact units – 2012 model due to a number of them could possibly be lacking a front inner or maybe outer brake pad.

In the report submitted with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Generral Motors Co. stated it became aware about the issue a few weeks ago right after a client brought the car to a car dealership for service to fix brake sounds.
Mechanics discovered that a brake pad was lacking.

Due to this discovering, GM Co. stated it will certainly recall Sonics units produced June 2 through Nov. 21. The ordered recall involves a total of 4,296 units of vehicles.

The lacking pad might raise the probability of an accident by reducing functionality of the brakes.

General Motors stated it will certainly inform Sonic owners and intends to commence the recall by Jan. 14.

Sellers will check out the brakes to determine if pads are absent. If that’s the case, specialists is going to mount new inner and outer pads, a brand new brake caliper, plus a new brake rotor. The service is totally free.

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  1. February 23, 2012 at 11:36 pm

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