Chief Patent Lawyer of Apple Exits

Richard Lutton apple lawyerAccording to a reliable source, the top copyright lawyer of Apple will shortly exit the Cupertinian mothership. The question arises, as is normal with such high-profile departures:  did he jump, or was he pushed?

The forthcoming departure of Richard “Chip” Lutton was reported on Tuesday by Reuters, quoting the ever-loquacious “sources familiar with the situation.”

If Reuters is right and Lutton is, certainly, about to disappear, a fight can be made that he might have been an injured party of current copyright-violation settlement of Apple with Nokia, the ending of a copyright battle that had been going on since 2009.

With Apple having the same opinion royalties and an undisclosed lump-sum payout to the Finnish phonemaker, it is not possible that Lutton was the toast of One Infinite Loop’s executive water cooler multitude.

Lutton otherwise might have just felt battered by the flood of current Apple copyright acquirement and court case activity from the $4.5bn Nortel copyright purchase to the currently re-revved HTC argument to the Samsung look and fellie “battle of reounded corners,” and more.

Lutton might have voluntarily got his indication from the gorgeous Panamanian pugilist Roberto Duran and just said “No mas, no mas.”

LinkedIn profile of Lutton still records his present position as Chief Patent Counsel at Apple.  On the other hand, former VP of HP and deputy general counsel for thinker property and licensing, the unfortunately named BJ Watrous, now records on his LinkedIn profile that he has been the VP of Apple and “Chief IP Counsel” since last month.